Named for the author of our Alma Mater, Katharine McAfee Parker, this cumulative lifetime giving society recognizes donors who have given between $25,000 to $99,999.

Katharine McAfee Parker dedicated her life to doing good works in her community. She worked alongside her husband as a Presbyterian missionary in China, where all three of their children were born. They returned to the United States permanently after 8 years as missionaries. Mrs. Parker then served on the Board of Foreign Missions for the Presbyterian Church and the National Council of Presbyterian women for many years after the family’s return. All of their children stayed involved in the Presbyterian Church and with Hanover College, going on to share their parents’ vision of equality and peace for all people around the globe.

Beyond her work as a missionary, Katharine Parker was a lover of the arts, especially music and poetry. She wrote poems and songs and had a special love for hymns. She shared this passion with her children in their home, Hanover students in the college choir and at the chapel, and her community through the Hanover Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Parker also wrote the lyrics to the Alma Mater, which we still use today at commencement and other ceremonies. Because of her legacy, Hanover College is a better place.

Our faithful donors preserve Mrs. Parker’s vision for our beautiful college: “Strong, serene in faith and honor, Stands our college here. Offering wisdom, truth, and beauty, Year by passing year,” as she wrote in the Alma Mater. Over a period of time, often years, these individuals and corporations have demonstrated their belief in the College’s mission and their understanding of the importance of a Hanover College education.

In addition to the benefits provided under the James Blythe Presidents’ Club, members of Katharine McAfee Parker Society will receive the following:

  • Special invitations to on and off campus events with the President of Hanover College
  • Participation in discussions with the President of Hanover College about the institution
  • Subscription to the President’s Quarterly Newsletter
  • Name recognition on the Hanover College website

For more information contact: Miranda Maxwell, Senior Director of Development, 812-866-7034, or maxwellm@hanover.edu

Gold Members ($75,000 to $99,999)

Silver members ($50,000 to $74,999)

Bronze Members ($25,000 to $49,999)