Katharine McAfee Parker Society Gold
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KMPS Recognition Salutation
Cerelle Bright Bolon
Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson Co., Inc.
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Mrs. Peggie Douglass (d)
Bill Enright and Edith Enright
Glen Flaningham '91 and Susie Flaningham
Phyllis Fleming (d) '46
Isaac Fokuo '98 and Patti Emshwiller Fokuo '98
Mr. Elmer E. Geissler (d)
German American Bancorp
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC
Eric Haas '78 and Jan Patterson Haas '79
Lynn Nichols Hall '82 and Chris Hall
George Hill '55 and Joan Templin Hill (d) '54
Janet Ronald Hine (d) '37 and Jim Hine (d)
Jane Jakoubek
Wiley Kite '90 and Tim Kendrick
Kiwanis Foundation
Lake Lambert and Kelly Duddles Lambert
Russell Leavenworth (d) and Ann Millis Leavenworth (d) '45
Millie Lemen '52
Bart Luedeke '64 and Linda Patton Luedeke '64
Thomas McGuffey(d) and M. Kathryn Raney McGuffey (d) '33
Vance Patterson '72 and Mary Jo Cody Patterson '75
Carol Schobert '74

Indiana's first private college.

That's the beauty of Hanover.

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