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KMPS Recognition Salutation
John Ackland (d) '63 and Diane Ackland
Barb Alder '77
Larry Allen '59 and Renee Allen
Anne Addison Amos '51 and Marvin C. Amos (d)
Judy Mayhew Andrews '66 and Leonard Andrews
Bill Baker '73 and Lana Ladd Baker
Dick Beal '64 and Sue Swigert Beal '63
Joe Beardsley '72
Suzie Schwarz Bennett '74
Chuck Bentley '75 and Joy Bentley
BKD Foundation
Boeing Company
Margaret Boggs '59
Bonsett Living Trust, The
Edmond Bottorff (d) '37 and Mildred Bottorff (d)
Ray Bowden (d) '49 and Lucy Gilbert Bowden (d) '61
Ron Bowman '68 and Susan Bowman
BP Amoco Foundation, Inc.
Walter Bright (d) '32 and Mildred Bright (d)
Roger Brinkman '68 and Jan Favinger Brinkman '69
Brookston, Inc.
Mr. George D. Brutcher
Walter Bruyninckx and Anne-Marie Blancquaert Bruyninckx
Bob Burkart '88 and Beth Hartig Burkart '89

Indiana's first private college.

That's the beauty of Hanover.

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