Hanover College would like to thank those who have made a gift to Hanover in memory or in honor of someone. The listing below is an on-going list with the most current fiscal year gifts listed. This page will be updated on a regular basis and is a way to let everyone know about these special people. Thank you for your support of Hanover College!

Tribute Directory
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Primary Addressee
Abigail Anderson '21
J. Lee Annis, Jr '78
Mary Bachman
Kristen Backus '76
Nick Baechle and Uschi Appelt
Rob Barlow and Michelle Barlow
Chester Baylor and Ruth Baylor
Mark Benbow '81 and Annette Benbow
Chelsea Brackman
Rand Brandes '78 and Beth Brandes
Tom Bruner '61
Michael Burrow and Cherie Burrow
Patricia Wyche Calore '83 and Jeff Calore
David Collier
Patrick Conboy '20
Bob Dhondt '60 and Donna Dhondt
Robert Dion and Janet VanAlsten
Thomas Dumaine and Pamela Dumaine
Mark Dunning '83 and Okie Dunning
Clara Eckerle
Chip Egan '73 and Diane Watt Egan '72
Ed Erner '60 and Dee Gee Reed Erner '62
Jennifer Fohl
Bette Franken
Barbara Garvey and Michael Garvey
Jim Gaunt '67 and Kate Gaunt
Frank Grande
Susan Milligan Haskett '60 and William Haskett
Mark Hays '77
Dan Hodges '75 and Laura Smith Hodges '75
Jane Hopkins
Ross Hubbard '74
Al Huntington and Connie Huntington
David Johnson and Anne Nobles
David Johnson
Jerry Johnson (d) '69 and Betsy Milligan Johnson '70
Olivia Johnson '20
Stephen Kesler '77 and Mary Kesler
Carol Hamaker Killen '72 and James Killen
Cynthia Kilmark and Don Kilmark
Thomas Lawrence '62 and Connie Carpenter Lawrence (d) '64
Patricia Lipps
Andrew Littlefield '22
Julie Lobasso
Rick Lostutter and Ann Lostutter
Marilyn Marks '72
Caroline McCall

hanoverian eternal

Ultimately, as time goes by, friends and classmates begin to pass away. Here is a list of alumni that have recently passed. If you would like to honor or remember a fellow Hanoverian, you can donate now and we will include you in the tribute recognition list.