Principal Members: $25,000 and higher
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Primary AddresseeOrg Name
Dan Abrell '86 and Karin Abrell
Gary Ball '73 and Allyson Burns Ball '73
Linda Pirtle Baron '73 and Mark Baron
Beth Baylor
Ellen Swigart Boso '64 and Fred Boso
Bill Bunch '65 and Gary Rodgers
Mike Cheek '70
Dave Chroback '78 and Melissa Chroback
Wade Clapp '77 and Nancy Swigonski
Jane Evans '71
Lisa Fleming '82
Andy Gigante '91 and Shannon Gigante
Kris Rector Gleason '73 and Greg Gleason '72
Brian Haag '74
Patricia S. and William J. Hagenah
Al Hamann '60 and Sue Groppenbecher Hamann '61
Carl Huber (d) '59
Elaine Kops-Bedel '74 and Eric Bedel
Duncan Larsen (d) '70
Mark Levett '71 and Marabeth Ice Levett '71
Geoff Lorenz '65 and Niel Phillips Lorenz '67
Gary Montgomery '60 and Judy Montgomery
Mark Nichols '74 and Cheri Griffith Nichols '74
Chip Pease '68 and Laura Reid Pease '68
Eric Plinke '89 and Lori Newlin Plinke '89
Tam Polson '52
Larry Pugh '66 and Nancy Morris Pugh '67
Wes and Mary Burch Ratliff
Bryan Ruder '13 and Tori Ruder
Tom Ruder and Sharon Ruder
Phil Salsbery '85 and Susan Salsbery
Rich Scamehorn '64 and Sandy Nice Scamehorn '64
Rick Shearer '70 and Ruth Schalk Shearer '70
Steve Smith '64 and Sally Smith
Bill Stephan '57
Nancee Vine (d) '54
Steve Voss '74
Mark Whittenburg '89 and Marla Kohler Whittenburg '90
Bob Wolverton '48 and Peggy Wolverton
Ace Yakey '75 and Beth Brodrick Yakey '75
Michael Zeddies '77 and Judy Zeddies

Indiana's first private college.

That's the beauty of Hanover.

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