Panther Club Champions Recognition Salutation
Dan Abrell '86 and Karin Abrell
Beth Baylor
Jeff Blair '70 and Carol Blair
JoAnn Brouillette '83
Mark Dunning '83 and Sang Hyun Dunning
Susanne Talmage Ellman '65 and Marty Ellman
Lisa Fleming '82
Mark Gabriel '70 and Jennie Gabriel
Jim Gaunt '67 and Kate Gaunt
Brian Haag '74
Tricia Stockton Hagenah '66 and Will Hagenah
Lynn Nichols Hall '82 and Chris Hall
Andy Jankowski '95 and Lisa Jordan Jankowski '94
Molly Totten Jones '86 and John Jones
Elaine Kops-Bedel '74 and Eric Bedel
Lake Lambert and Kelly Duddles Lambert
Mark Levett '71 and Marabeth Ice Levett '71
Chip Pease '68 and Laura Reid Pease '68
Wes and Mary Burch Ratliff
Micah Shrewsberry '99 and Molly Shrewsberry
Stan Totten
Mark Williams '76 and Denise Vestal Williams
Greg Willman '85 and Karen Willman
Ken Young '65 and Linda Young
Michael Zeddies '77 and Judy Zeddies

Indiana's first private college.

That's the beauty of Hanover.

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