Annual Members
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Primary Addressee
Jamie Anderson '93
Lee Annis '78
Steve Avila '83 and Mary Avila
Joe Beardsley '72
Mandy Newton Bennett '96 and Tony Bennett
Kevin Berry '90 and Leslie Taylor '93
Douglas Bookbinder
Jim Braun '79 and Launa Braun
Towney Brewster '71
Ron Brogan '68 and Darla Brogan
Beth Webb Brown '92 and Jeffrey Brown
Dan Clements '69 and Marilyn Clements
Kristen Davis Cooper '08
Pete Corrao '76 and Suzanne Spencer Corrao '78
Lee Daley and Megan Daley
Jack Dalgleish '69 and Mary Dalgleish
Philip Dankoski and Mary Dankoski
Valerie Dillon '81
Roger Eckerle and Terri Eckerle
Troy Edwards '97 and Elisabeth McCandless Edwards '98
Todd Ehninger '78
Melissa Fenton '97
Jon Ford '58 and Judith Miller Ford '58
Bill French '79 and Cathy Scott
Chuck Friedersdorf '50 and Carol Smith Friedersdorf '51
Nicole Gibson and Shane Gibson
Tracy Keller Green and Darren Green
Tim Gruber '15
Angie Kalb Gruendl '96
Charles Hall '74
Dick Hall '67 and Jill Wood Hall '68
Robert Hanson and Dawn Hanson
Bill Hatch '64 and Nancy Hatch
Jane Huffman Hayes '83 and Greg Hayes
Mark Hays '77
Megan Hogston '14
Shannon House and Timothy House
Todd Hughes and Jill Hughes
Drew Ilnick '10 and Kaitlin McCulloch Ilnick '13
Roger Jester and Melissa Jester
Tyler Jester and Madison Jester
Barry Johnson '82 and Denise Johnson
Brad Johnson and Julie Johnson
Kevin Keefe '82 and Jill Philbrick Keefe '83
Mark Kleiman '87 and Sandra Kleiman
Dawn Krekeler
Patricia Love Krise '81 and Thomas Krise
Kim Lansdell
Sarah Lathrop '13
Mark Lawrence '86 and Dana Hollar Lawrence '86

Indiana's first private college.

That's the beauty of Hanover.

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