Hanover College would like to recognize those donors that have made their first gifts! Below is an on-going list featuring the new donors this fiscal year. This page is updated on a regular basis. We are deeply grateful to the alumni, parents, friends, employees, and students that go above and beyond in support of Hanover College.

New Donors
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Primary Addressee
Carey Adams and Julie Adams
Kevin Ahlbrand and Sonia Ahlbrand
Tiffany Almond
David Anderson and Amy Anderson
Mark Anderson and Judith Anderson
Nick Arterburn '86 and Nancy Arterburn
Danielle Petaja Artinian '94 and Brad Artinian
Peter Ashley
Laurel Atchison '20
Mary Hammond Atkinson and Clark Atkinson
Joyce Atwood
Jerry Ault
Sarah Averitte '21
Ian Bache '23
Dustin Bailey and Quinten Hizey
Beth Baker
James Bardsley and Mary Ellen Bardsley
Jessica Barnhart
Hallea Barnhill
Richard Barrera and Debra Lobato-Barrera
George Bartnick
Norman Barwick
Aurianna Bastin '22
Daniel Bauer and Pamela Bauer
Ariel Beasley '15