Hanover College would like to thank those who have made a gift to Hanover in memory or in honor of someone. The listing below is an on-going list with the most current 2019-20 Fiscal Year gift listed. This page will be updated on a regular basis and is a way to let everyone know about these special people. Thank you for your support of Hanover College!

Tribute Directory
Primary AddresseeTribute Description
David Anderson and Amy Andersonin memory of Larry Willen '57
    in memory of June Rogers
Mary Hammond Atkinson and Clark Atkinsonin memory of Joe Brunk '82; in memory of Jim Hammond '79
Mark Balph '81 and Mary Burkert Balph '67in memory of Thomas Marecek '68
James Bardsley and Mary Ellen Bardsleyin memory of June Rogers
Ellen King Bare and Ed Barein memory of Barbara Ann Hamm; in memory of Ernie Bailey
Jessica Barnhartin memory of Larry Willen '57
Janet Cook Barr '63in memory of Amy Louise Barr
Richard Barrera and Debra Lobato-Barrerain memory of June Rogers
Jane Kennard Baynes '49in memory of Brooks Baynes '49
John Beckerin memory of Bob Dulaney '55
Daniel Beckmanin honor of Brian Haag '74
Lynn Hammond Bowlesin memory of James Hammond '79
Jim Braun '79 and Launa Braunin honor of Cam Fails '19
Marcia Stewart Breckenridge '67in memory of Dan Breckenridge '67
Eliza Bui '15in honor of Rob Graham
Tony Burchett and Pam Burchettin memory of Larry Willen '57
David Burton and Shannon Burtonin memory of Larry Willen '57
Emily McKeand Campbell '66 and Harry Campbellin memory of James M. McKeand '27
Anonymousin honor of Thomas Carlisle '62
Dave Cassel and Tina Jonesin memory of June Rogers
Melanie Hammond Clark and Richard Clarkin memory of James Hammond '79
Andrew Cole '11in honor of Casey Roseberry Heckler '00
Clark Collierin honor of David Collier
Jean Matson Collier '54in memory of John Collier '51
Jeff Conner and Margie Connerin honor of Paul Blume
Greg Conway and Pam Conwayin honor of Katy Lowe Schneider '93
Gordon Coomans and Lois Coomansin memory of Bob Dulaney '55
Donald L. Cowan (d)in memory of Bill Dawson '66; in memory of Mike Hunting '68; in memory of Tom Wilson '70; in memory of Bill Prime '59
Rob Crosser '97 and Amy Zabel Crosser '98in memory of Joseph Crosser '01
Ann Ford Danielsonin memory of Jean Ann Ford '48
Maggie Ford Danielsonin memory of Jean Ann Ford '48
G-J Meyer Darling '93 and Ed Darlingin honor of Paul Blume
Ann Deloachin memory of Larry Willen '57
Anonymousin memory of Kelly Paul '97
Rebekah Hammond Dorworth and Christopher Dorworthin memory of James Hammond '79
Alice Douthitin memory of Bill Douthit '62
Joyce Dulaney and Bob Dulaney (d) '55in memory of Bob Dulaney '55
Kevin Dulaney and Kathleen Dulaneyin memory of Bob Dulaney '55
Chip Egan '73 and Diane Watt Egan '72in honor of Tom and Barbara Evans
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Fadelyin memory of Barbara Burkert Kiffmeyer '60
Susan McGaw Felt '71 and Ken Feltin memory of Martha and Mike McGaw
Ruth Fjelstadin memory of Carol Hartley Allie '58
Anonymousin memory of Gerald R. "Jerry" Johnson '69
Phil Foster '75 and Carol Fosterin memory of John Foster '68
Dianne Franklin and Keith Franklinin memory of Bob Dulaney '55
Bill French '79 and Cathy Scottin memory of Joe Brunk '82; in memory of James Hammond '79
Jeff Fritsche '99 and Erica Vidmer Fritsche '99in memory of Abigail Brinkman '99
Robin Gahimerin memory of Amanda Gahimer '03
Jim Gaunt '67 and Kate Gauntin honor of Melba Rodriguez

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