The 1827 Society is our planned giving recognition society. Members are those who have a planned gift in place for Hanover's future benefit. It may be a bequest in a will, a designation of Hanover as beneficiary of a retirement account, a life income gift, an insurance policy beneficiary, or other such arrangement.

Planned gifts have been an important part of building Hanover's financial security throughout its history. We are honored and grateful to the following individuals for the special gifts that they have put in place to benefit Hanover students of the future.

For more information about the 1827 Society please contact Kevin Berry '90 at berry@hanover.edu or (812) 866-6813.

*denotes charter member
(d) denotes deceased member

1827 Society Members
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1827 Society Recognition Salutation
Kay Morgan Ahaus '66
Barb Alder '77
Carol Hartley Allie (d) '58
Elizabeth Freeman Amos (d) '37
Ralph Whitcomb '58 and Ann Taff Anderson (d) '58
Judy Mayhew Andrews '66 and Leonard Andrews
Debbie Armstrong '78
*Barb Geason Arthur '73
*Wenzel Augustian (d) '41 and Pauline Augustian
Dave Austin '71 and Lee Carey Austin '71
Bud Auxier (d) '52 and Mary Auxier
Ellen Hannah Baker '74
Bill Baker '73
Jane Schnabel Bakerman (d) '53
Gary Ball '73 and Allyson Burns Ball '73
*John Barnard '65 and Susan Barnard
Franklin Barnes '58 and Dianne Barnes
*Charles Barnett (d) '40 and Nada Barnett
Dennis Barnette '63
Lisa Banich Beaudry '07 and Dan Beaudry
Bonnie Beggs Berliner (d) '44
Phil Bibb '63
Mary Black (d)
Jeff Blair '70 and Carol Blair
Bill Boatman (d) '62 and Lynn Bolles Boatman '62
Lynn Boese '62
Dean Boldon '66 and Mary Bender Boldon '68
Roy Bolen (d) '49 and Alma Lee Bolen (d)
Bill Bolon (d) and Cerelle Bright Bolon
Glen Bonsett (d) ’46 and Melba Bonsett (d)
Deb Bonte Bell '71
*Joe Bottorff '67 and Georgia Gregory Bottorff '68
Bruce Bowden (d) '54 and Barbara Pattison Bowden '54
Ray Bowden (d) '49 and Lucy Gilbert Bowden (d) '47
Charlie Bowerman
Ron Bowman '68 and Susan Bowman
Kim Brant '91
Dan Breckenridge (d) '67 and Marcia Stewart Breckenridge '67
Reeta Gupta Brendamour '81
Walter Bridgewater
Walter Bright (d) '32 and Mildred Bright (d)
Roger Brinkman '68 and Jan Favinger Brinkman '69
*Ronald Brogan '68
Chuck Broughton '66
Melissa Stoehr Brown '75
Mike Brown '91 and Nancy Brown
Mike Bruce '78 and Lisa Bruce