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Your gift to Hanover College and its students matters – now more than ever.


As the Hanover College community stands together to continue our mission of transformative learning, meaningful service, and lifelong inquiry, your contribution will help us rapidly meet student needs, support faculty and staff, and ensure Hanover College endures and emerges stronger on the other side of these uncertain times.


Please note, at this time, our funding priorities are the Home Away From Home Fund, which supports students who must stay on campus, and the Impact Hanover Fund, which is directed to mission-critical areas. And, because of the challenges presented by COVID-19, the number of areas needing support is growing.


If you have any questions, please contact Miranda Bailey Maxwell ’01 at maxwellm@hanover.edu or (812) 866-7034.


Your generosity – regardless of the size of your gift - will make a real and tangible difference. We are truly grateful.


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